Daugaard Threatens Rational Politics

During an impromptu Q&A this morning on the steps of the Governor’s residence, Dennis Daugaard spoke in alarmist tones about the future of the state and the country.

“We live in dangerous times,” Daugaard reminded the half-asleep political beat writers assembled before him, “and uncertainty must be met with a resolve equal to the task.”

Asked to elaborate on the nature of such resolve, the Governor talked openly and honestly about his proposed agenda: “Climate change threatens our livelihoods, educational expenses and budgets limit the progress of our brightest citizens, the Common Good suffers from a business ethics beholden to special interests.”

To combat these and other societal ills, the Governor laid out a bold plan to reinvest in education, raise taxes on the wealthiest citizens, close loop holes that allow vast wealth to sit idly in South Dakota’s banks without consequence or scrutiny, defend land-use and natural resource rights of Amerindians, and much more.

There may not even be time to expand the already considerable concealed carry permit rights of gun owners in the state, a fixture of any ordinary legislative session.

“We’re going to be busy,” Daugaard reiterated.

When asked about the potential of finally enforcing the democratically ratified Initiated Measure 22 and its political ethics provisions, Daugaard urged caution. “This isn’t Communist China.”




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