Junior ROTC Recruit Ready for Travel Abroad

Hector Dominguez, 16, expressed his excitement to reporters this morning in between 2nd and 3rd period at Roosevelt High School about the prospect of traveling abroad as part of his Army service in the coming years.

“I’m still not sure exactly where I will be going, but the likelihood of this president getting bogged down in a hot zone in some far off, exotic locale really pumps me up.”

Pressed to predict a potential war theater, Dominguez didn’t want to jinx it, but had his heart set on the Ukraine.

“It’s up in the air right now. Could be Syria or North Korea, but something about the Ukraine just strikes me as so mysterious and inviting.”

Mrs. Albertson, Dominguez’s Algebra teacher, reminded the starry-eyed grunt that if he failed another exam, the only battle zone he’d see is her dreaded summer math course, rumored to be an active component of the Guantanamo torture regimen.


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