Lifelight, Unlikely More Blessed, Ends

Fearing that the festival simply cannot achieve more blessedness, the organizers of Lifelight, the nineteen-years running Christian music festival held each Labor Day weekend outside Sioux Falls, will end the annual tradition this summer.

“2016 felt like a peak year for us in terms of being #Blessed,” veteran festival organizer Mark Evanston told reporters this afternoon, emphasizing the hash tag in his address. “I walked away from that weekend with a pious glow I knew deep down just couldn’t be topped.”

Such a surplus in blessings made any attempt to plan for LL17 half-hearted at best. “Maybe if we were truly, divinely inspired we can make this year’s festival as #Blessed as last year, but that’s a burden even our Lord and Savior JC might not be able to bear.”

Instead, Evanston and others involved in the undeniably blessed event hope to share their God-given talents with less fortunate churches and causes. “Clearly these groups will never be as #Blessed as Lifelight, but it’s the least we can do.”


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